My 1st Wheel Spinning Class

Last night was the first of four fantastic evenings i get to spend learning to spin on a wheel. I am renting a wheel, a Julia by Louet. So far it's great! Last night we started with the Long Draw method. We starting spinning with Corriedale. Super smooth! Awesome to work with, especially as a super beginner as it just wanted to be drawn out and spun through. Next we were given some BFL, good stuff! This proved to be a larger challenge. I spent about 10 minutes in class where when trying to spin the single got too thin and pulled apart from the roving in my hand at least 10 times. I did get super good at re-threading everything ;p I decided to give it another try this morning between conference calls (yea for working from home). I made myself relax, played with the tension, and just tried again and again...and then it started going. It's not amazingly even, but it looks good! I can't wait for next week. The goal is to spin up the two ounces i have of the green/black wool onto different bobbins for each ounce by next thursday to learn plying!

Wheel and Stash

First Bobbin!!! (about 2 oz's)

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