It all comes down to Plying

Week two of "Beginning Wheel Spinning" down and my new skills consist of:

New Spinning technique
Over the Fold: I find myself spinning like this all of the time on the drop sindle and it was nice to make the connection on the wheel. Still a bigger fan of the long draw when possible

Two Plying techniques

Regular Plying: This is what i had been preparing those green wool singles for and it was awesome!

Navajo Plying: This was a good trick, that i can definitely use more practice on, where you can use just the one bobbin of single and create a 3 ply type yarn. Nice...

After class i came home and plyed up the rest of the above BFL and immediately began spinning some Merino i purchased from the Tactile ladies after class. It's soooo pretty! 2oz's down...2 more to go...and then playing and pictures!!!

Today i washed the plyed yarn in the bathtub. First with a bit of soap and then a rinse.

After the rinse the yarn was rolled in a towel to squeeze out the excess water prior to being hung out to dry. Literally...hung outside to dry. End result is beautiful yarn!

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