How To: Getting that new Gas/Electric Stove Hooked up!

The stove is here!  It’s so ridiculously exciting i can barely believe it that i will finally be able to eat pasta at home again.  Luckily stoves seem to come with some pretty rockin instructions so i will just cover a couple of tips instead of a massive start to finish and remind everyone of a couple things: a) TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY before working on any wiring, you never know… b) Read the instructions.  And i mean really read them BEFORE we pull out a single tool.  You never know, step 15 might provide you with a diagram of what you did in step 3 or may tell you to undo what you’ve done and isn’t it nice to know these things from the start?

I am skipping the electrical part as this will be slightly different for each stove purchased, please refer tot he manual and previous posts about wiring duplexes.  Remember, these are just giant, fancy duplexes that can pass a bunch more energy around, so all of the principles of wire stripping and setting are the same.

Basic Gas Piping Connections 101:

First thing to do is check that you have all of the supplies that you need: Gas Piping Tape, appropriate Gas Piping for the extension you are adding, Gas Piping “Goup”.  Note that i kept repeating the word Gas in all of those.  This is important as Black Gas Piping is different then other metal pipes and you will need to ensure that you get the right supplies to protect you from any Gas Leaks.

Step 1: Turn off the gas coming into the house.  This will ensure that you don’t blow yourself up or die from gas poisoning, kind of important to enjoy the stove once you’re done

Step 2: Prep the existing Gas Stub for extension.  Remove the cap placed on the extension, or old pipe if you are disconnecting a previously installed pipe setup.  Place a small amount of goup onto the extension threading and then wrap two full passes of the Gas Piping tape over the goup and threads.  This will provide a secure connection between the pipes ensuring there are no leaks.

House Wk 42: Gas Piping - Step 1: Guop and Tape

Step 3: Screw on the first piece of the extension.  Since i wanted an easy to reach shut off valve before the flex pipe to connect the gas to the stove i decided to add this extension of a 90 degree elbow and a 6” section of pipe to help elevate the shut off.  So far it’s been super handy for all of the stove repairs.

House Wk 42: Gas Piping - Step 2: Round the Corner

Step 4: If adding the extension as i did, repeat the steps to cover the threadings on the pipe extension and then screw together using a couple of wrenches to ensure a tight seal.  While you want it tight, you don’t have to kill yourself, that’s that the tape and goup are for.

House Wk 42: Gas Piping - Step 3: Up we go

Step 5: Lastly before the flex pipe we will goup and tape the threadings on the pipe and then attach the shut off valve to the extension.  From here it’s the same thing of goup, tape, attach all the way up the way up to the stove, easy!

House Wk 42: Gas Piping - Step 4: Shut off Valve

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