House Week 42: The Meaning of … My House

As we hit this milestone things are in a good and steady groove within mi casa.  No, things are no where near done, but somehow it is all starting to come together.  This week, with the help of my new best friend the oven, bread and cookies were baked and life returned a bit back to pre-move normalcy.  I am really enjoying the oven and just need to get the stupid broken knob fixed.  Oh well, something has to be on the fix it list at all times right?

Also to celebrate the milestone (and offer me a bit of flexibility) the week numbered posts are goin’ the way of the dino…to be only seen in the archives going forward.  Oh don’t think this means the end of the house updates!  In truth it’s more so i can bombard you with all sorts of other things about the house that have nothing to do with progress and not feel guilty about the blogging and lack of items i’m able to check off the to-do list at the end of each week.

Some existing news … i ordered my flooring!  I went with a stranded poplar in 4” wide planks which happens to be 100% recycled.  The flooring is a beautiful deep red/brown/black with different highlights throughout as is produced by Eco Timber – Last Dance.


The idea is to run this in a single direction the entire length of the house to mimic the original fir flooring that was in the home when i purchased it.  We are still figuring out if this is a project we want to do ourselves or just pay someone else to do.  Unfortunately if it gets added to our “family” list then i may not have a floor until Christmas (yes, it’s not even Memorial Day yet!) which, while not the end of the world, is a lot longer then i would like to have to wear shoes at all times in my own home.  So many things to figure out…

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