***BREAKING NEWS*** I have an Oven!!!

Yes ladies and gentleman … i have received my fantastic Aga Oven i ordered over a year ago.  Here it is, fresh off the truck, sans the plastic, and i am super ready to get back into the baking swing of things.  I have greatly missed my banana breads and cranberry scones these few months that the toaster oven just couldn’t reproduce.

House Wk 42: My STOVE

Now i just need to do a couple quick things before i begin my baking spree…

  • Pipe the gas line from the wall
  • Wire the new duplex super fancy plug
  • Attach the handles
  • Set the burners, covers, and grills
  • …and buy a new bread book!!!

All of these fun things will be written about this week!  I promise!  Lots of pictures for anyone else out there thinking of getting a new fancy pants oven for themselves or a super loved one.

Also for those of you out there wondering just how i’ve been eating for the last two months, here is a picture of my ENTIRE kitchen worth of food prep: table, drying rack, electric kettle, toaster oven, and Brita pitcher.  Also the “kitchen sink”.  Yep, this oven is long over due along with maybe some cabinets…

The kitchen prep area   The kitchen sink


Inder-ific said...

Yay! I get to see your bare-bones kitchen! It's reminding me of this book on Victorian domestic life I'm reading - you just need a dank cellar, where your servant can pull out a mat and sleep at night. :-)

P.S. Gorgeous oven! Gorgeous!

dre_ah said...

i totally have that via my raised floor! too bad i think i'm the servant in the tale : (