House Week 26: Putting Things Back in Their Place

Before the Taping and Mudding of the Drywall was a mad dash Veterans Day Long Weekend race to set as much siding as possible.  The goal was to power through as much as possible of the siding to ensure that we don’t crack my brand new drywall.  Awesome progress was made and in just over three days we finished most of the long walls of my home!  This did mean working by large lights as it was nearly pitch black each night when we quit, but it doesn’t look to bad in the daylight.  Actually i am super impressed with how much i LOVE my siding.  I know it’s what the house had before, but i think i had forgotten just how much character it gives to house.  Also it’s like putting an outfit on an androgynous paper doll, it just help everything make sense.

So the way this whole siding thing works is in lots of different steps, that all seem to involve painting.  The process has been something along the lines of this…

  1. Buy/Receive Siding
  2. Paint Back of Siding x2
  3. Cut Siding to appropriate length
  4. Paint Top and Edges of Siding x2
  5. Use Nail Gun (with mind of it’s own) to Set Siding to House
  6. Paint Overlap Area of Siding as fast a possible before father decides to put up other piece over the top of you x2
  7. Paint everything that is visible for a Third Coat
  8. Paint everything that is visible with different kind of pain to ensure it doesn’t Mold x2

Rinse and Repeat.  Needless to say I’m tiered of painting.  Unfortunately i decided i was tired when the earth decided it was time to rain so i got to paint on a ladder in the rain, oh the joy how i just i could put it into words.  Well it sucked, but at least i now get to lie in bed for an entire weekend while it rains and attempt to combat the cold that is threatening to destroy me.

Another push will occur in week 28 over Thanksgiving.  Yep, we know hw to celebrate all the holidays here in my family ; )  Below are the parents hard at work while i was between paint cans.  More outside pictures when everything is a bit more dry.

House Wk 26: Siding, a family affair

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Fabulous Pants said...

It is looking so great! You are almost there... honestly you are almost there!