House Week 22: The Ceilings were Jealous

After a week of installing my denim walls it was time to move onto the ceiling.  This was a ridiculously painful process.  Wait, i take that back.  It wasn’t painful to put the insulation in the ceiling between the trusses, it was painful to repeatedly put it back after it would fall out.

Something about me and the cotton insulation in the ceilings did not jive very well.  The walls would stay put until mom or dad decided to bang on the walls, when then understandably the insulation would promptly fall out and onto the floor leaving a new pile of cotton “dust” on the floor.  Unfortunately the ceiling insulation was all put in before we had finished the framing “adjustments” so that we could pass the inspection and get moving with the drywall soon.  This meant that after the two days of installing the insulation i spent another two days putting it back it after the framing updates.  Lesson learned, *WAIT* and do things in order if you only want to do them once.

One helpful item for helping to coheres the insulation into staying put were the same “wires” that we used on the floor insulation to hold it in place.  Luckily the wires come in both 16” and 24” widths as the trusses were mostly at 22” on center.  I started with no wires, but found a couple of places where nothing would stay up alone, so out came the leftover wires from the floor.  After the mass exodus during some pounding from my father i decided each and every piece that fell out was getting wired.  By the end of things nearly two thirds of the pieces had some wire reinforcement to help keep them inline.

24" Insulation Support Wire

Regardless i still loved the Bonded Logic Ultra Touch.  Nothing beats being able to handle insulation with your bare hands wearing only a dust mask to keep the cotton out of your nose (the other lessoned learned after a day of blue snot).

The below picture is from the Bonded Logic website, i love how much those kids are enjoying their super cuddly insulation!

UltraTouch Cotton Batt Fiber Save for Family

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