House Week 25: Completely Screwed Drywall

It finally starting to look like a house!!!  Week 25 brought the beginnings of real walls back into my house as the drywall was screwed onto the walls.  It’s amazing how much things change not being able to see through the walls anymore.

Drywall has been a long and painful road for me.  Six plus months ago i went through the rounds looking for a drywall guy.  I came across JR Drywall online and when he came out to give me a bid he was super nice.  As time went on i checked in with him letting him know in the summer that we were getting close (ever the optimist) and asked if he could come out so we could go through things once more just to be sure.  When he arrived at my house i immediately knew something was wrong as he was very short and stand off-ish.  First it was that i didn’t understand drywall and had lied to him about the size of the house, this after i had given him floor plans and walked with him on the job site prior to the initial estimate.  Next it was why did i think i deserved a level five smooth finish, did i think i was some one special, well of course i do, but more importantly … i’m paying for it.  All in all i was quite happy to see him rip up the contract and walk away … but it left me without anyone to drywall my house which was nerve wracking.

Wk 25: Screwed Drywall in Front Bedroom   Wk 25: Screwed Drywall in Looking through the Dining Room into the Living Room   Wk 25: Screwed Drywall in Living Room

* Front Bedroom, Dining Room Door to Living Room, Living Room Wall with Casement Windows*

I was back to square one, so i turned yet again to my trusty friend the internet to guide me to another drywall company.  And it did!  After speaking with a couple of companies and getting few estimates i decided to go with Barbero Drywall, and after seeing their work i am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  The Drywall was screwed on for the entire house in just under two days!!!  Next comes the Tape, Mud, and Smooth Finish.

Wk 25: Screwed Drywall in Kitchen   Wk 25: Screwed Drywall in Bathroom   Wk 25: Screwed Drywall in Hall side A

* Kitchen, Bathroom Shower Corner, Hall to Back Bedroom*

Not only were they patient while i actually got everything ready and signed off for the drywall but they have also been extremely clean, helpful, and have done a fantastic job.  Screws at the proper spacing or better, beautifully taped corners at the windows/doors, and they even helped me move the light cans in the bathroom after the last contractor had set them to far from the sink.  Out of all of the contractors i have worked with on this project so far i would have to recommend Barbero Drywall the most based on the honesty, reliability, and outstanding quality of work.  It’s nice to know that not *all* contractors are out get everyone.

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