Hong Kong Day 1: Planes, Trains, Fog, and Lanterns

The 15 hour flight flew by.  I slept about 5 hours of it here and there and am doing pretty good for my first day of time zone shock.  Going to NY is nothing in comparison to traveling half way around the world and being on the exact opposite of your normal time zone.  From the airport i made it to the airport express train super easily and walked right onto a bus to my hotel quickly and easily.  All in all it only took an hour to get from the airport to my hotel and only a few minutes to check in.

Since i arrived and got settled so quick i went out for a bit of sight seeing this evening with the hope of catching the light show they have over the harbor each night.  Well you could see some of the lazers and lights, but most wree hidden in the soupy and thick fog.  While trying to squint out from of the lazer shapes with my glasses i noticed something much prettier and each to get to...The Lunar New Year Thematic Lantern Exhibition.  Beautiful lanterns in everything from cranes to dragons to a phoenix and flowers.  Here are some pictures from the the exhibition.

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