Returning to normal and a Beautiful afternoon in the city

Two countries, a huge release at work, and a spring dance season later I'm glad to have been part of everything ... but am very much enjoying my first
weekend without any demands.

Hong Kong was amazing and someday I'll finish going through the photos and get them up on Flickr for all to enjoy. I don't think I was expecting all of the shopping that the culture seems to revolve around, but towards the end I found some fantastic out of way places to explore and discovered some interesting history.

Japan was...well, still japan. Not much seems to change expect for the handheld technology, bt even that felt like home as most of the Tokyo-ites had joined the dark side and were one with their iPhones. I think I may be a bit traveled out. I found that I was super unimpressed with nearly everything I saw expect the art museums, and even then only mixed media modern art. I don't think that the temples of the world have gotten any less amazing, but after seeing them in nearly ten countries over the last four years I think I could use a bit of a religious break.

Not like I can afford to travel anyways with all the crazy new house stuff. Yep, the house stuff has begun! Plans *mostly* approved and it looks like I'll be moving sometime May/June. I'll be looking for people to help with painting, interested?

Separate posts to follow about the stupendous, amazing, an georgeous outfits from Double Vision's spring season, hopefully coming to a New York stage near you soon.

With the beautiful weather I was reminded of last summer where I spent many weekends in new york enjoying Central Park and thought Golden Gate Park sounded like a perfect Sunday activity. Somehow I managed to get I to the city and parked along the park from home in less than 20 minutes, and yes there was traffic. Don't know how, but I'll take it! Cal Academy was fun and with no line I finally made it into the rainforest dome and got to explore. So many frogs! With a few hours of day left I strolled over to the Japaneae Tea Garden for some Cherry Blossom viewing. Since when are there any two cherry blossom trees here? I must have dreamt the ten plus I thought I saw here last time. Everything else was as remembered an fantastic. The wisteria smells amazing and the snaking ponds are a treat to walk though. I think the only think that's missing is an ice cream filled crepe, Japantown here I come!

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Inder-ific said...

You're back in the US! Yay! I'm looking forward to introducing you to our latest household addition: La Chiminea. See