Catching, costumes, and a dash of travel

The last few weeks have been packed to the brim rearranging my life, connecting with old friends, hand sewing costumes for Double Vision, and trying to prep for a work trip to Hong Kong in less than a week. Just a tad busy ; )

Well I'm on the plane and nearly to Hong Kong for my first time. I've managed to set aside 3 days for myself to wander around and take in some sights. There are not nearly as many Temples in Hong Kong as Tokyo, but it seems like there are more gardens and that the parka are open later (fingers crossed being open late also means safe). More to come as I explore!

Costumes? Yep, it that time of year again where Double Vision takes over the Dance Mission Theatre for a few nights of dance. Somehow I got the crazy idea that the costumes should all be hand sewn? I am truly insanse. Well 4 out of 5 complete, only one to go when I get back. Pictures and more a out the how's it's process another day.

Lastly, but definitly not the least crazy is my new role as home owner extrodinaer. The latest installement was played out at the city and involved another 3+ hour circle about from area to area to figure out just which approvals and permits I will need. There were a couple of hiccups in the zoning department that are going to change the original design a bit, but nothing too drastic or non pretty-making. Plans for the foundation work were approved!!! Now to demo all of the lath & plaster and Sheetrock walls to get access to replace all of the electrical and plumbing in the house. Brand new insides of my 1920's home here we come!

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