New Year, meet new Sweater - Sylvar

The first project of the new year is something i've been eyeing for nearly a year...sweater #2.  I've no made one sweater and one cardigan and am ready for the next challenge.  I found this fantastic pattern at Stitches West 2009 while helping Tactile in the booth and being a good yarn whore.  I bought the pattern as a top down all knit together sweater is a beautiful thing.  You can try it on while you go and make adjustments as necessary.  THIs is super critical for me with having no back and a fair amount of front to account for in the sweater shaping.  I also really liked the yarn over eyelet's that ran up the body of the sweater in a leaf like pattern.  Lastly it looked easy!

While digging around in the back room clearance section of Article Pract i managed to find 1100 yards of a black Cotton/Linnen in a medium weight that screamed sweater at me.  Partly it screamed as the price for all of this lovelyness was only $67.  Damn cheap for an entire sweaters worn of yarn.  So purchased and brought home without a particular project it was, and happily.  I leafed through some things and came across Sylvan and decided to give it a go.  So far so happy!  It's super cute and i can't wait to finish it.  It is flying off the needles as i cast on New Years Day and have already finished over 25%.  I think this one is a keeper ; )

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