An Edwardian Weekend full of Stripes and Croquet

A couple of awesome friends accompanied me to the Edwardian Ball this weekend and we had a blast!  In case you've missed the last few weeks of craftyness...this is what it had all been building to, and turned out to be worth it even if i skipped the polonaise.

Friday Night

Casual night, well casual for fantasy costumers.  It was a super stripey night for us and the other patrons.  K had been working on a stupendous black/white vertical striped skirt with cartridge pleating all around the waistline so the top of the skirt was solid black and the white sprayed out over her petticoat...gorgeous!!!  Topped off we a red trimmed black jacket and adorable red hat.  T went with a cute Edwardian style silver skirt, black shirt, and adorable short black bolero.  Her skirt had the cutest baby bustle in the back! I had ditched the polonaise i had made the purse for a few weeks ago in lieu of what is now totally the ringmaster costume.  A Mary Poppins corset that held everything and more that my purse does on a normal day along with reasonably flounced bloomers.  Both in a matching dark green fabric with a fun shadow stripe vertically. This is the same costume i managed to completely sunburn myself in at Maker Faire last year, glad this was at night.  The matching hat has been spruced up a bit with a couple of flowers that K made out of silver ribbons.  Thanks lady!!!

     Side of the Party

The entertainment included a lot of fantastic singing, dancing, and great musicians.  The music was always going with or without a band which helped to keep the energy in the main floor ball room high, even though the room wasn't packed.  Some of the acts i managed to catch were: Fou Fou Ha!, Vagabond Opera, Agent Ribbons.  There was constantly something shiny and spinning on stage, hard to avent your eyes.

A quick run through the vendors area set in that 2010 is the year of the hat.  Not only were tons of people wearing them, but nearly 50% of the vendors had them with a large portion specializing in them.  I love me some hats so this is fantastic news.  I got to see House of Wormwood that made the two fantasic outfit building hats i own, the only hats i haven't made myself.  The woman who makes all of the hats does a fantastic job and i nearly walked away with two super cute hats.  A) Deep burgundy tricot with silk flowers that had been tea overdyed and looked completely worn.  B) Orange like the Camel hat in a two piont tricot type style with gorgeous blk/white stripped ribbon cockade and a cute vintage button to hold it all in place.  (I don't need another hat, i don't need another hat, i don't...)

Saturday Night

To the 9's!  The A-game was brought (as K would say).  T wore a soft blue velvet dress that she completely sewed by hand!!!  Stab my eyes out that sounds painful, and damn the dress was beautiful!  She embellished it was a crystal beaded trim along the front neckline and shirred satin cap sleeves.  Topped it all off with a white silk flower...awesome!!!  K went with the full fantasy costume from the Edwardian time as Ozma.  Wearing a long natural cotton dress with a wrap that had ribbons falling from her shoulders and a crown.  What's a princess without a crown?!?!?  Fantastic copper wire crown with white silk flowers on the sides of the crown.  I got out all of the petticoats, edwardian underwear (from Pirate Faire 2009), and super cute Subterranea black brocade dress from the 90's.  K did my hair up super pretty and topped it off with a bow.

     The Croquet Course

Entertainment included the Rosin Coven show, more acrobatics, and super awesome music.  I'm not super sure which bands we saw as there was a lot of in and out to take some cute pictures along with a croquet break that ended in me getting pelted with croquet balls.  Croquet is one of the few "sports" i learned to play with my family as a child (the other was hiking) and i love it!  Something about getting to whack the balls around on the grass is very fulling, and much easier than mini golf.  I'm sure it didn't hurt that it was in Alice in Wonderland and Heathers either being two of my favorite visual things.

Nothing new in the vendor area, but i did catch georgeous chandelier necklaces, and surprise surprise...i need one!  There were necklaces that turned the most plain of women into starlettes, something highly seductive in a black 4" choker chandelier glass beaded necklace.  I'm not sure where to find this item that i desperately need and after some looking on ebay/etsy i'm not quite sure where these beautiful examples came from.  If anyone's got a great source please pass it along.

Post Ball...

The weekend was a blast and i can't wait for all of the fun that's ready to be had in February and March!!!  Lots of other costume ideas were chatted about and so much inspiration was found in others from new and fun takes on top hats to how to get more ruffles out of your ruffles and tons of RED!

Event listy post to follow later this week...

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