A Starry Night at Chabot Observatory

Some how in two weeks between two trips i managed to cut, fit, sew, and partially trim an entire outfit for a GBACG Event at the Chabot Observatory...A Starry Night of Steampunk.  I love how everything turned out.  THe polonaise was a nightmare to fix the fit on (no one's shoulders are *that* wide) and the hat was my second ever attempt at millnery.  Some day i need to cut, fit, and sew the underthings so that i can wear these outfits properly, more excuses to knit lace!

A couple of things did not make the cut off time.  The Hand knit lace was not applied to the polonaise, nor was the trimming for the edge (to hide the lace attachment stitch yet to be done).  The hat was quickly done and may need to touchups in the future.  Lace cuffs need to be knit for more then just this.  Things that were completed were the awesome big black satin bows on the back of the polonaise along with the "Snap-up" tucks along the back side seams to cause the shirring.  I decided in the design phase that all costume pieces must be packable and iron able...easily.  This means not sewn in tucks and no sewn on trims.  So far this is fun and extremly practical as i can drive and exchange trims as i desire, hopefully it will stay as cool sionce it's totally extra work.

The next costume, without checking the calendar, will be for the Sweeny Todd ball in the Fall.  I *need* one of the dresses that Helena Bonham Carter wore in the film, the one with the black and white stripes?  No, i can't find a picture and although i can sing every song on the soudtrack nearly perfectly i've only seen the film once and can't for the life of me remember which sceen it's in. But...that's the next challenge.

Here are the pictures from the event.  Enjoy : )


Brooke said...

So awesome! I would love to see your costume in person and I can't wait until you start making the underthings!

dre_ah said...

We'll have to hangout when i get back. Do you drink tea? ; )