Hello Prague!

I love traveling my train.  First and fore most...there is NO SECURITY!!!  I love the fact that i can walk onto a train and go to another country with all of the damn liquids i want!  No one has to pull my bag apart to make sure my phone charger isn't a bomb i've disguised as a phone charger; i don't have to explain why i bought fabric somewhere that is super cute.  Security drives me crazy.  I get the point and appreciate all of their hard work but it is soooo annoying to have to deal with each time i fly, which is pretty often.  Second they pretty much just leave you alone unless you need something.  Third they go different places and make those quick drop offs so you get people running up to the them and running behind them to say goodbye to loved ones.  Trains rock!

The adventure began Wednesday morning with a trip to Prague Castle.  From a distance it totally looks like a Disney Castle and i can understand where his ideas came from now better.  The main attraction at the castle is the Cathedral "St.Vitus Cathedral".  Beautiful!  There were many different chapels within the Cathedral each dedicated to a different saint or cause, crazy!

St.Vitus Cathedral   St.Vitus Cathedral   St.Vitus Cathedral From the South Side

Other parts of the Castle were cool, but i guess the Royal Family has not lived there for hundreds of years so it's more of a Medieval castle with all of the crazy bricks and arches.  Beautiful, but i was hoping from some more Rococo styled palace goodness like in Potsdam.  After walking around the castle i found an awesome park with fantastic views and some really nice stencil work, who knew!

Letna Park: Stencil Work Woman's Face   Letna Park: Tagging the many Faces   Letna Park: Stencil Work Pirate Skeleton

Today (Thursday) is beginning with Laundry and then its off to Kinsky Palace that is quoted as having "lusicious Baroque Interiors" so i should be able to get my over adornment fix today.  And then tonight it's over to "Bar Bar" that was recommened by some friends for dinner/drink, where ever the night has taken me.

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