Beginning in Berlin

I began my Eastern European trip a few days ago getting on a plane and heading to Berlin. This is now my second full day in Berlin looking at museums and things that used to be owned by royalty.

Friday began with the Wall Museum, Haus am Check Point Charlie. The museum was in a building where it began as two rooms while the wall was still up (crazy!!!). Now the museum has grown to encompass most of the building with winding rooms here and there and all sorts of randomness about the wall and the happenings at the time. It's pretty crazy to think that such a place existed. A place where people who could go and come as they pleased could look over a fence and see those you one night by a couple of men without asking them decided that they woulod become part of the great USSR communist experiment. It's sad to think that such an idea as the equality of men could have ever been warped and much les endorsed by leaders of the world ever in history. Not all leaders should be leading. The museum had some amazing exhibits and a real strong impact, don't take freedom for granted. I forget some times just how other people have it. Well a rant for another day.

Haus am Checkpoint Charlie: German Soviet Propaganda  Haus am Checkpoint Charlie: Book Pillar and Me

Next was a walk through Riehmers Hofgaten and a stroll through Viktoriapark. In the latter there was a beautiful waterfall framed with a monument for an awesome photo (Flickr set below). Once i got up to the top of the "tallest hill in Berlin" i was very happy to see come good tagging in the midst of my view. Yes... someone had tagged "Vader" into the perfectly framed view of the city of Berlin. Nice!

Viktoria Park View up to National Denkmal   View From top of Viktoria Park with some Star Wars tagging

The strolling continuted through Chamissoplatz and then off to a bit of shopping! First was a poke into Spacehall records with a fantastic selection of Electro and more. This may have been a left over April Fools Joke...but there was totally a sign that said "Faith No More in Berlin June XXX 2009" I don';t remember the date, but OMG are they playing still just not in the states? i *did* think about what it would cost to come back in a few minutes later talked myself back down to reality. Damn do i love them.

Next a poke into a Yarn Shop in Berlin! Can't believe i managed to shove in a bit of crafting. The yarn shop was your standard rull of the mill items. Noro, a bit of felting wool, and some nice hand painted. I think since i started spinning i've become something of a yarn snob. I really expect places to have hand spun or at least some of the more exotic yarns. How many different sock yarns can there truly be?!?!? Fadeninsel had you covered for the basics, also they had you comvered for tights, leggings, and socks. Awesome stuff that you don't find everywhere. I managed to control myself (most everything had a high wool count which would have cause mass uncomfort on my part and thus was skipped).

Fadeninsel, yarn shop   Fadeninsel, yarn shop

Leaving the yarn shop i headed over to a "Art Center" - Kunsterhaus Bethanien. The place was originally a hospital in the 1800's and has since been turned into a artist in residency/exhibit hall. The AIR's work for their allotted season and then in the summer everything is exhibited. Very diverse and definitly worth the stop. I love old hospitals, now image it full of new media art installitions with lots of video and interactive media. Awesome! One piece was about the US boarder potrol and their relationship with their dogs...and how this corresponded with their relationship with their mothers? Random. Good work both audio and visual about the subject. Next was a image of the US constitution and all of the "points" represented. This was fantastic as it used Sweatshops, Taco Stands, and other realistic images to illustrate what the outcome was of the original dreamers of the US nation.

One final stop to a fabric store i'd read about in my guide book, of all places. Upon arriving i fell in love. Beautiful prints on undyed linen and other goods of animals, flowers, and different scenes. Some Russian inspired, i felt like i was playing in the perfect land of quilting, now if i could only afford it *and* have room in my already full backpack to bring some home. I settled on to 1/4 meters, one of elephants and one of purple and natural stripes. The perfect goods for a bag for my new Netbook (which is keeping me company on my journey and totally awesome). The fabric is small and i really wanted something to remind me of my trip that would be functional, score!  Pictures of the Fabric to come...

Frau Tulpe

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