Vintage Crochet Strikes in SoCal

I spent a few days with friends in family in my homeland of Southern California this past weekend.  Part of any good trip involves a yarn crawl.  Unfortunately i was reminded of how lacking in the creativity department SoCal can be.  Out of 3 yarn stores within 25 miles of my parents house we came away with the following results:

1) Open, 95% dedicated to Cross Stitch - That's NOT yarn or yarn~ish goodness!!!
2) Closed, on Saturday, @ 2:30pm?!?!?! - Ummm...that's just dumb
3) Open, hard to find tucked up on the second floor with no signs

#3 - Phebie's Needle Art (pic on left) - turned out to be ok, but i was so over it by the time i found it there was a quick walk through noticing all of the basics they had in stock and a dart out the door to see if there were any interesting shops tucked away in the complex.

I found a Vintage Shop - La Bomb Ba.  Super awesome find of some crochet tops from the 60's through the 80's.  Nothing came home with me, but I totally fell in love with a short cropped sun design that would make a beautiful sundress.  Must improve crochet skills.

And now for giggles and kicks ... drum rollllll ... the fantastic vintage tops.


Does anyone have any vintage~ish crochet tops?  Am i the only one feelin' the Granny Square calling?

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Lorena said...

ooohh Loving the sun top! It would rock as a babydoll dress! sucks about your yarn store excursion though...