Fresh Spring in November

Yes!  The Denim Spring Cardigan has been finished!  The actual sweater was finished a few weeks ago, but the attachment of 3 large buttons took awhile.

I never thought I could be so picky about the buttons.  Originally i had picked up three large black flat circle buttons from JoAnne's, but when i got home i realized that this sweater was going to need more love in the button department then just a couple of generic buttons from the generic store.  Thus began the button search.  I stumbled across, The Button Drawer, cute buttons for a good price and no minimums!  I would totally recommend the site, awesome everyday round flat buttons to crazy celtic designs.

I purchased three different sets of buttons to checkout on the sweater.  The winner was Countryside, but the others are definitly going to find awesome projects in the next few months.  I LOVE the branch detail on Stormy Night, and they're 1" wide.  Yea for large buttons : )

Countryside  /  Tudor Rose  /  Stormy Night