Halloween in two weeks...costume rush

So with the rapidly approaching holiday of Halloween i am nearing panic mode as i ordered Costume Period Patterns from Laughing Moon today with the "Special Shipping Comment" of "For Halloween, please rush.  Thank you".  I'm hoping they read that section.  Sewing will consume most of my time until Halloween, assuming i get those patterns before sunday.  I browsed around JoAnn's today, pretty bland.  Once i have the yardage amount i'm planning to head over to Stone Mountain and see if something there catches my eye.

To help complete the Steampunkish outfits i started the "Mrs. Lovett's Mitts" pattern this evening.  They will be the perfect accessory to either period dress with exciting fabrics/trims - AND - jeans and a t-shirt incase i get no sewing done before next friday.

Mrs. Lovett's Mitts

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