Crafty Weekend

Saturday was Color!  It was a super blast, and a special thank you goes out to Kristine from A Verb for Keeping Warm for letting me crash her totally full Fiber Prep Class.  I had a great time learning about the wondrous joys of hand carding, the patience required for drum carders, and the deadliness of hand combs.  I am very proud of myself for not drawing any blood on those combs, they are super crazy sharp and painful!

Today started with open studio meandering in the city with the primary goal of checking out a good friends photography, Steve Baudonnet with pieces up at Iceberger Gallery in the Mission.  His current work with machines and pollution (and tobacco) is beautiful.  My favorite is the picture of an engine on a dining room table with half finished plates of chicken.  You're just waiting for the 50's mom in the polka dot dress to come out.

Next was a walk through CapsuleSF in Hayes Valley.  This is totally the most time i've spent in the city in months, minus work with totally doesn't count.  Amazing hand made jewlery, clothes, and trinkettes.  I picked up some cute cloth button bobby pins with little geishas on them from Vividot.

Also found some new stripey socks from RockNSocks, which were much needed as i have had to part with two pairs of too holy socks in the last two days.  The winner for awesome today was totally the silkscreened tank, that was silkscreened in front of me on the tank i choose with the design i choose...[insert GRIN]...AWESOME!!!  The company was Juror2 and they had all sorts of different designs for all different walks of people.  I got one that's very dracula/grim reaper called "The Traveler", very dre_ah ;)

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