Beginning Crochet: With my hands held

This morning involved waking up at a reasonable time to pull out the dusty crochet hooks, grab some yarn, and head down to the Knit-One-One Studio for a "Beginning Crochet" Class.  It was a blast!  Susan Miles taught the class and was super patient with me as i crashed the day by showing up for part two...with having been out of town for part one.  She had me caught up in the first hour and ready to go.  I learned new crafty abbreviations like dc and hdc.  A whole new world has been opened up : )  Thank_You_Susan!

My 1st Granny Square!!!

The rest of the class started a hat while i learned the basics.  I kept up with the granny squares and even managed to finish one!  This was a big part for me.  My great grandmother made beautiful granny square blankets, ponchos, everything, and i have one of these beautiful blankets over the back of my couch.  People always complement me on it as i hide the knitting from no one, but i have always had to admit that i don't have the faintest clue about crochet.  Now i can hold my head high and proclaim my great grandmother made that and (eventually) i will be able to turn to my own and say...this one's mine [insert ridicilously large grin on face].

The other driver for learning to crochet was Amigurumi, only the cutest little things ever.  I fell in love with all of the zombie doll keychains, square stackable cats, and plain adorable dragons that are all crocheted.  Now i have the basics down and can buy some of those super adorable pattern books and not just look at the pretty pictures.


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Susan said...

hooray! I'm so glad you liked the class, and even learned some stuff. your GGma's blanket is awesome. I'm so envious. someday I'll finish enough squares to make a whole blanket. can't wait to see yours. :)