A Missiouri Yarn Crawl

Jason has a family reunion every july in one of the hottest and stickiest places in the US...Missouri. Every year everyone gets together and there is a golf tournament. This year i escaped for a bit to check out some of the local yarn shops in Springfield and Rogersville (about 20 minutes from Springfield).

The expedition started at She's Crafty in Springfield. Nice woman working the shop and some cute buttons, but a poor yarn selection. From there i drove over to Simply Fibers (also in Springfield) and found a much better selection. Including Hemp! There's not much hemp even in hippy town Berkeley. Again, sweet people working in the shop and the other customer in the shop was also from the Bay Area, wacky coiendience. Next it out to One City Market in Rogersville. This won for best yarn store in the area. It was better then some of the yarn stores i have locally! Amazing hospitality from the woman running the shop AND the five women just hanging out knitting. Great selection and colors. Super cute inside, crazy old house! Check out the pictures to see the back "sock" room that looked like an old diner or sweets shop. I was invited to stay and knit...but i knew it was just about time for dinner with the family, so i packed up all of my purchases and made my way back to Marshfield for potatoes and cheese...mmmmm...

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