Beginning to unravel the Moss

Recycled projects rock! So with that in mind i pop-ed into my local thrift store on the way home later last week. I found this awesome yarn, knit into this sad and over sized v-neck sweater. i decided i had to save it, to put the yarn to a proper and much more interesting use.

Here is the sweater as rescued from the Thrift Store
Sweater Recycle - Body

Close up. The Blue is really more green in person, silly camera. 100% Mohair fuzzy goodness
Sweater Recycle - Closeup

I'd needed a break this morning from work and thought it would be super relaxing to begin ripping out the seaming yarn on the pieces of the sweater. Totally right! Here are the pictures from un-seaming the sweater an removing the neckband to release the pieces:

Before unraveling the body or sleeves i needed to remove the seaming holding the pieces together

To "un-lock" the sleeves from the body i needed to unravel the neck line

All of the sweater pieces

The yarn for the neck seam was attached through to the front panel

Goal is to get a bit done each week. Already i have thoughts of the cutest Jumper ; )

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