Knitting Project Catchup | Post#12~ish

I've actually been pretty productive during all of this travel. Here is a by Project run down for everything...

Star Wars Club Covers - Finished in the airport after landing in Kansas City on the way to the Bash. (Talk about barley makin it!)

Mom's Socks - Almost 50% done. I'm getting much faster at cabling as i move through this project. I love learning new things. These would probably be further if they didn't require the book for the pattern. These were NOT brought out on the road.

Dad's Socks - These were started and worked to about 50% completion during the Bash/Golf Tournament. There are even photo's of me knitting in the Golf Kart. These were worked for a week, tested, found to be too small, ripped out at 40% to start over, and then the rest of the week knitting at all times to try to make up for lost time. This basic rib pattern knits up SUPER fast. I'm enjoying these...but think they make be a bit bright in color for Dad.

Binary Scarf - This was started before i took off on my wild adventure. Unfortunately this also requires concentration and a pattern; so it's slow going... but it looks cool so far

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