New Beginnings

I have found the world of Audiobooks. VERY exciting! I've been hooked on my podcasts for awhile, but this opens a whole new realm of things to do whole knitting. The best part is it allows me to combine two of my favorite things into one activity. Knitting + Reading = Time well spent. Right now the skirt has taken me through half of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.

I am very proud to say that the skirt is nearly done. I have two more rounds, which is no small feat when you're talking about nearly 200 stitches, which i'm hoping to finish today between projects. Tomorrow on the way to a fun trash event at a friends i will stop by the fabric store and pick up the elastic, and then finish off the skirt when i get home. The skirt MUST be worn within 72 hours of completion, so everyone please think of sunny skies.

Last night was a "what can i start next" type of evening. I knit up a swatch in the new yarn, Rush, i bought last week to wash test for (fingers crossed) a short sleeve raglan light sweater. I found this beautiful cotton yarn at Artfibers. It's beautiful!

Also the VERY first pair of socks was started. I'm trying the 2-at-a-time magic loop method. I think i'm a perfect canidate for second sock syndrome so i was looking for a way to get them both done at once, and double point needles seem to hate me. They have destroyed bags and other objects as they make their way to and from bart each day. The socks are being done in the yarn i bought at Color a few weekends ago. Great stuff, and i love blue!

Running Sky

And, if all that wasn't enough i made some large stitch holders with silver stars for the Camo blanket that i'm working on, pictures to come. I they came out great! More stitch holders on the way. I must make something for my Etsy shop ; )

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