House Week 35 & 36: Trimming the Windows and Entry Doors

Now that there is a bit of paint over the interior walls and ceiling in the east side of the house it is starting to feel more and more like a real house.  One addition i decided it was time to get moving on was some trimmings around the windows to help finish off their look and really bring the house back to the 20’s.  I found a fantastic Wood Worker, John Kraft (who does not have a website, so message me for his contact info if you are looking for an amazing carpenter).  We were put in touch though Belmont Hardware when i decided that chiseling out the front door to enlarge the mortise area was a bit beyond my skill-set, a realization that occurred in the form of dreams where i put a giant hole in the front door and spent the next two months looking for one that was the same size.

After getting through getting locks onto the doors we discussed a couple of options for casements around the doors and windows and decided to go with a relatively flat look that has a small bead of wood along the header intersection to help break up the to portion of openings and give them a bit of grace.  Aren’t they fantastic?!?!?!?!

House Wk 35: Bathroom Windows Trimmed

House Wk 35: Window Head Casing Detail   House Wk 35: Window Apron Profile

House Wk 35: Front Door Trimmed     House Wk 35: Front Door Trimming Detail

Most of the windows are complete along with all of the exterior doors.  The interior doors will follow in a few months once the floor is in place to ensure the casings are flush with the floor with the exception of the bathroom door which has been hung to give everyone a bit of privacy within my still totally a construction zone home.

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