House Week 34: It’s a dusty job, but someone’s gotta do it … Dusting the walls to prep for paint

Now that the drywall is up, mudded, and sanded it’s time for me to get to work clearing out all of this drywall dust from the walls and ceiling so i can get the drywall sealed with primer and move onto the fun real decorating portion of the home owning.  You would think that this would be a super fast thing to do, but drywall dust is a tricky little buggar.  The dust is super fine and it seems to evade all types of cleaning cloths.  The project was begun using plain old terry cloths rags and a ladder which drained not just my patience but also all of my energy.  It is super annoying to rub in circles on the ceiling removing drywall dust at the speed for a square foot every 20 minutes.  So i turned to the all shortcut knowing internet to assist me in speeding things up…there had to be a better way.

The better way was found deeply rooted in a message board post about cleaning up drywall to prep for paint where someone mentioned Swiffer dusting cloths.  Normally i would have shied away from such and un-eco friendly method, but the terry cloth rags were so full of dust i wasn’t going to be able to wash them either so it seemed like a worth while trade to give the Swiffer cloths a try so out came a box i have had for many years to give it a try.  The results were an entire ceiling in 20 minutes.  It was a very nice change!!!  After depleting the box i ventured out in search of more of these magical drywall dust removers to finish the work and returned endowed with 15 boxes (running out would have been annoying).

The rest of the house went smoothly and i have decided sticks with rags on the end rock!  All of the walls and ceilings are dust free and in only four evenings after work, not bad.  Unfortunately the “tower of towels” was thrown away before the documentation ceremony could occur so i leave you to imagine what a nearly two foot tall stack of dust laden Swiffer cloths stacked in a slightly leaning tower looks like.

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