House Week 16 & 17: Something you can stand on

Yep, the last two weeks of house-ness have been weekends only and yet somehow tons of progress has been made!  Week 16 was marathon insulation week.  The first batch of floor insulation we brought home and worked our way through before the end of the first weekend.  The rest of the floor insulation was delivered last Friday.  This stuff takes up TONS of space.  Below is about a third of the 2/3’s that was delivered.  This stuff is spun lava rocks, crazy the “green” things you can find today.  Supposedly it will never catch fire or hold moisture, not bad!

House Wk 16: a third of the floor insulation out on the lawn

I spent two days doing nothing but placing small metal wires between floor joints, cutting insulation the correct width/length, and placing it in the floor.  Oddly it was one of the most meditative things i’ve done all year AND i really enjoyed myself.  Well … i had fun until i got home that night and discovered i am allergic to the insulation and had rashes up my forearms.

House Wk 16: the wire thingy's   House Wk 16: Insulation!!!

The parental units arrived last Saturday morning to help give me some grounding … i got (most) of my floor!  Well kinda floor, i now have the plywood that makes up my subfloor through most of the house so there should be less falling through the floor occurring. 

House Wk 17: Down goes the floor over the insulation   House Wk 17: A Bedroom floor

There is something to be said about the joys of having a floor on a raised foundation home, especially when you have been without one for nearly six months.  The old saying that you only truly appreciate what you have once it’s gone rings so true here, who knew how much i could love plywood : )

Week 18 Goals are to finish the electrical, go back to stripping (paint!), and to finish the remaining few messes from the contractors.

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