Daydreaming about Plants

So i buy this house so that i can reap the benefits of being a home owner.  Things like determining what color of house i want to live in, when *i* want to mow the lawn, and what i get to plant on my land … right?  Well someday.  While i am still in progress of re-building the house part the garden part has had to go on hold.  Which is mildly driving me insane.  I was super excited that i was going to be in my house for the summer so i could start one of the awesome vegetable gardens i see on all my friends blogs, but it’s September and i’, still in a duplex.  Oh well, the time will come and so i’ve decided to get prepared!
I love the East Bay Nursery!  The staff is knowledge, silly, and super helpful.  I took one leaf from a tree that is in my new backyard to try and find out what i am inheriting.  After two people rubbed, sniffed, and poked the single leaf i was informed it was a walnut and given 15 minutes of do’s and don’t about walnuts in the bay area … awesome!  Since this is currently as close as i can get to the level of Disneyland bliss within 10 minutes of my home many a Friday afternoon have been spent wandering the aisles thinking about what the grounds of my home really need.
So far here are the highlights:
  • Herb Garden
  • Apple Tree
  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Bamboo
  • Veggies, Veggies, Veggies
After a few trips i think i have most of the basics figured out.  Staples like what to put on the front of the house under the bedroom windows (Rhododendrons) and can there be too many kinds of mint (no!) have been quick to answer mostly due to the beautiful selection of plants available at the nursery.  Also Google Maps has been super helpful to allow me to get an aerial view of my home that i was able to drop into illustrator and play around with “what goes where”.  More on the layout in the coming weeks as things get more solidified.
Here are a couple of the different items i found while being lost in the nursery that could be totally awesome to look at on a re-occurring basis around my home…
IMG_0790   IMG_0792   IMG_0797
IMG_0794   IMG_0796   IMG_0804
Slightly Uprights
IMG_0802   IMG_0805
I originally only had Blueberries in mind but it could be pretty awesome to grow my own Goji berries…

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