Snapping Grey Turtle Skirt = Hexagon Math Goodness

Between the fantastic trip to New York with Double Vision, a sad going away party for close friends, and the madness that continues to call itself my house i have been finding bits of time here and there to … knit!  Not really much of a surprise as i have needed all of the relaxing and meditative activities that i could find to help keep me sane over the last few months, and weeks even more so.  What have i been working on?  Another skirt!!!  I am super excited about this one as it is six hexagons knit from the outside into the middle using spaced decreases and four rows high. It's a math skirt!

Here is a picture of the Turtle skirt keeping a park bench in Central Park warm a few weeks ago.  I am really enjoying the skirt as it is a fairly easy knit without a pattern to carry around, but it's not plain.  I am not just knitting back and forth, back and forth.  I am knitting hexagons that are 18 stitches wide on all sides to begin with and all of them end up as only a single stitch on the needles after all of the decreases.  I love you geometry.

Turtle Skirt Update

Now that i have finished nearly the top two rows of hexagons i decided it was time for some dress form testing.  So far so good…  I was pleasantly surprised that the skirt seems to fit.  The hexagons are bubbling a bit in the centers, but nothing too weird that the blocking won't fix.  I love the Star Skirt that i knit a few years back and am looking forward to having more hand knit items for day to day wear.

Half of the Turtle Skirt

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