House Week 7: Let's just cover her up a bit

Wk7: Getting Some Walls - Outside
I love the rain, but it's getting between me and my house and it should know better!  Unfortunately with all of the beautiful rain the construction on my house has slowed down a bit.  Oh well, that did not stop us from getting started on the re-building of the house.

The last week was focused on three things a) getting out the old foundation, b) finishing the re-framing of the existing walls where necessary to allow for the electrical and plumbing to be started, and c) to get as much of the sheeting for the exterior walls up as possible  While the contractor worked, we worked right along side on our own projects.  It was a bit crowed at times, but i'm glad it worked out this way as my father the master engineer was able to put in more than his 2 cents on how things were going and was able to give guidance (and corrections where necessary) while he was in town.  This house may be the only thing standing after the apocalypse with how sturdy it's being (re)built!

The parents came up for the week to power through some thing and over the weekend my brother showed up with reinforcements to help muscle our way through some of the basics, like the sheeting.  It's been great how awesome everyone has been and how much help i am getting from everyone.  This is a lot of work, and i know it's worth it, but it sure does feel better to not be doing it alone ... Thanks everyone!!!

We made good progress for how little we actually had to work with.  Here's a list of our achievements:
1. Sheeting/Plywood up along all exterior walls...that are staying after the addition
2. All of the re-framing complete for the portions of the house that are staying (last minute decision to re-frame *most* of the interior walls was made on the job Wednesday morning)
3. All of the Electrical Socket boxes have been installed (no wiring) for the walls that are staying
4. Picked up my front and back doors from Omega Salvage and Urban Ore
5. Removed ALL of the paint from the Front door ... looks like i may be able to stain it instead of having to paint it, exciting!!!
6. Attached "strapping" along the tops and bottoms of the windows (this was my mother and i nailing over 1000 nails into metal strips up near the ceiling and down near the floor in about a day)
7. Called Lowe's about my windows at least 8 times...and they still aren't here ;p

Most of the windows i ordered are different then what the house had before ... but i think that is a good thing.  Previously the windows were in weird places and either too big to too small.  I was able to up/down grade as appropriate for the rooms and it totally made a difference.  Here's a shot of the East Wall of the house from inside (no interior walls just yet).

Wk7: Getting Some Walls - Inside

With the existing walls back in place, window positions cut out, and doors moved where i wanted it's really starting to feel like the house i envisioned back in February.  Here's a shot of what "will be" the view from my Dining Room once i move it ... i love my house!

Wk7: The future view from my Dining Room

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