Star Wars Progress

So i promised J a star wars quilt in Christmas '07.  During the year the idea evolved from sheet blocks to using his old t-shirts instead.  The blocks were cut out and arranged in May '08.  On Friday i finally got around to start the seaming.  Who knew quilting could take oh so long.  ;p

My procrastinating and scarceness at home hasn't helped either.  Well after 3 days of the sewing machine on the kitchen table i finally finished piecing the top.  All in all it was about 5 hours.  Not a long time for the size, nearly 5' x 5'.  I also got the back cut out from one of the original sheet blocks.  They were nearly identical in width (sheet was 2" wider!!!).  Length was different, luckily it was longer so it worked out perfectly.  Now i have 5 days before the next NY trip for work.  The goal is to buy the batting and start tacking this week, so when i get home i have minimal work and can focus on my new costume for the Steampunk Costume Salon in March.