News Year Day Tamales

First post of the year has nothing to do with anything crafty in the normal sense of the word...but since my cooking/growing blog has gotten no love in months here is a cooking update.

New Years Day was the first day of my living in my apartment alone in lots of years.  I decided i needed an awesome all day (and night) activity to help me pass the time and do some bonding with my house.  Thus the Tamale making was decided.  I have "tried" to make tamales once before, but not with a lot of success.  I found a good vegetarian filling recipe online and already had a vegetarian masa recipe.

The process was started the night before with the soaking of the husks.  Around noon I began preparing the filling.  Yummy!  Next masa was prepared and then tamales assembled!  I added some cheese as cheese is a requirement, mmmm...  I didn't follow the recipe here, but they had awesome step by step instructions on making tamales, which were reviewed many times for the actual assemblage of the goodness.


Post 2 1/2 hours Steaming

End Result = Yummy!!!

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