Tentacle-less Hand Warmers

Hello!  It’s been, well … awhile!  A lot has changed (job, boyfriend) and yet a lot remains the same (I knit/sew, work on the house, and work).  Things are finally starting to find their groove between all of the new awesomeness in my life and I thought it was high time I returned here to begin sharing the fantastic things I’ve been working on as well and provide myself some motivation to keep going and finding time to be crafty each and every day.

One of the projects I began a bit before the new year is a pair of fingerless gloves for the new man.  They are a color worked set featuring an octopus with bubbles and windy tentacles … cute!!!  Here are a couple of pictures of the progress to date.

And a Close up of the band with all of it’s awesome bubbleness

My last attempt at color work looked great…but went no where as I somehow thought the wristlettes would be stretchy.  This time I’m wiser!  Knowing that there is nihl to no give in my colorwork I swatched four times to make sure that I got these right.  So far so wonderful.  They have been super easy to knit up and even when I’ve had to rip back to fix something the stitches stay where they are supposed to and don’t go fraying all over the place.  The yarn is awesome!

Here is a link to the Ravelry page, which could use a bit more information, maybe I get back into THAT habit too ; )


Inder-ific said...

Hey! Nice to have you back on the blog! I'm cracking up at "tentacle-less" - they look good!

wildtomato said...

Those turned out awesome!