Alice's New Embroidery

It's exciting to finally see some backlit Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland posters. Backlighting just about anything adds an air of magic and fantasty. Such is also the case when I saw the new Alice character poster this morning, a poster I see flat every day in the BART stations of my daily commute. Her shimmering blue dress has had my eye and today I got a good look at the bottom edge. Oh beautiful embroidery! It's fantastic how the costume designer managed to get the main themes of the film onto the dress, and in such a simple/elegant mannor. I have been eyeing the dress for a few weeks now admiring the lighty shirted lower ruffle and fantastic button front bodice...I want one! Also the shoes look pretty hot ; )

I'm not as fasinated yet by the Hatters costume, but in all fairness I haven't seen a backlit Mad Matter poster yet so there may still hope.

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