Pretty Woven Things from New York

During November i had a very short trip to New York and managed to squeeze in 30 minutes at Mood and find two things i could NOT live without.

"Spring Stripes and Flowers"
This was screaming at me to become some sort of short sleeved regency dress...i can't wait to pick a silouhette!!!

Spring Stripes and Flowers

"Cotton Grey Diamonds"
This was soft, dark, and had a great small ditsy diamond all over. Not sure what will come of it, but i got four yards just in case a knee length jacket with a shirred peplum comes to mind...again

Cotton Grey Diamonds

I did not find the things i was looking for, so if anyone knows a good place for corduroy please pass it along.  I can't believe how hard it's been to find the right fabrics for the Miss Hatter costume!  I am looking for a hunter green cord and a deep velvety black cord for a jacket and hat.  I will eventurlly need to come up with something for the dress as well...but that will need to match the jacket so cord is the top priority.

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