Let the Holiday crafting/cooking begin!

I love the fall and winter.  So many different celebrations for all different walks of life.  Time for hand made gifts, fantastic recipes, and time with friends and family.  Of course Christmas gifts always sneak up on me, but this year i'm taking it all in stride and have already decided that the world will not end if everyone doesn't get fancy things this year.  Between looking for a house and my crazy works schedule i am hoping to fit in some good baking and cooking time so watch out Thanksgiving...

Part of my holiday plans this year include attending Dickens Fair in San Francisco a couple of times which means a couple of new costumes.  I do love sewing no matter how much i complain about it.  There is some fabric lying around and a couple of cute time period appropriate patterns hanging out that have been givin each other the eye.  I need to give everything a once over and nail the outfits down so i can plan the holiday creativity out and set some goals.

Holiday gifts will also need to be made this year and a couple of birthdays.  I do have parents and a brother to think of and lots of fantastic friends that have been there for me a lot over this trying year who super deserve some awesome treats.  Luckily the family is very easy going and low key.  The brother has requested another beanie, which shouldn't take more then a day or two, and the mom/dad got blankets and socks last year so this year can be on the smaller side.  I just finished a pretty rockin Christmas Stocking for me that might work with different setups for some others...I can't wait for the yarn shopping!!!  I always forget that i can also "Sew" for others.  For some reason gifting pops into my head as knitting and a bit o' crochet.  Sewing is just as awesome and something i have been doing a bit more of this year.  Any ideas for some cute sewn gifty items?

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