Coding Progress | Weekend Update

The binary Scarf has been under way for a looonnnggg time.  This weekend afforded lots of knitting time for the scarf, and much progress was made!  I now am 75% done and have a 5' long scarf!

Today was a PERFECT knitting and tea day...and my friend must be psychic as she invited me over for those particular reasons a week ago.  It was a beautiful day of rain and knitting goodness.  I made super amounts of progress on the scarf for my brother, ate amazing homemade apple sauce bread & tofu tacos, and enjoyed catching up with a good friend.

Now to some how finish everything in time for Christmas.  I'm starting to agree with everyone about cutting back the gifty holiday knitting, but it can be soooo much fun.

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Inder-ific said...

I just saw this! Indeed, we must do it again soon! Also, reading this made me hungry for tofu tacos ...