Sorry for all the posts, trying to catch up from the crazy busy week, which included a ready to be forgotten horrible High School reunion...but back to fun and pretty things - SWEATER~NESS. Progress is still being made, damn do sweaters take a long time to complete and they are totally not BART friendly. Luckily I've had plenty of tv episodes to watch sitting in front of my computer (Breaking Bad and Sarah Conner Chronicles are the enablers) while i knit my sweater up.

I've hit a road block. I need more stitch holders to keep the top of the sweater front together while i work on the sleeves. The dilemma isn't getting more, it's how. I was all set to go out and purchase some, until i came across this post about how to make them. Of course i read this 2 days after i went on a outing to the Daiso in Union City. I show take it as a sign that i need to go back and enjoy the land of plastic boxes once again, this time walking out with some wire for stitch holders ; )

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