Ravelry | Konichiwa!!!

Got my Ravelry invite this morning and couldn't wait to get home and start checking everything out. AWESOME!!! I've been camped out in front of my computer for over an hour now just browsing patterns, people, and signing up with groups.

Finally found the "right" (meaning cute) sweater book to get me to actually sit down and start a big project Louisa Harding ~ Venezia: Felice Mai Dopo. I'm going to start with "Florian", which is a beautiful plain pull over sweater with a lacy pattern along the sweep and sleeve openings. It's shown in the book in green and i love the color, so after a few hours of searching on the internet i finally found the one person left on this planet that had the color and enough skeins to let me keep the dream alive ; ) All should be arriving from the UK by end of next week. It's so exciting!!!

Also decided i deserved some nice inter-changeable circular needles. Ordered these from Knitpicks.com ... another item to soon arrive in the mail. I love presents. Back to the search for the right pattern for the scarf - Ravelry is addictive.

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